Youth Athletics

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Winthrop Physical Therapy is a proud supporter of our valleys active youth.  By providing voluntary support to the Liberty Bell Athletics with on campus taping and assessment we help ensure our young athletes are well cared for and return to play as soon as possible.  Winthrop PT and Fitness also conducts a biweekly free strength class for anyone under 18 who wants to get strong and work on their fitness.  All of this support helps with injury prevention and management so our kids can continue to participate in their sport of choice.  


Winthrop Physical Therapy is also currently participating in the Liberty Bell High School internship program.  This allows us to provide first hand experience to high school students who have an interest in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  Currently our interns are learning basic anatomy, anatomic positioning, medical terminology and on the field taping and injury screening.  This is a unique educational opportunity that we are proud to be a part of and to provide to our local students.