Spine Care

The causes of back pain can range from traumatic injury to poor postural habits and biomechanics. Winthrop Physical Therapy’s team has a broad range of experience dealing with back pain, from chronic conditions to post-surgical rehab.


Our Therapists specialize in manual therapy of the spine and in treatments that alleviate nerve and joint pain often associated with chronic and acute back problems.

If you have back pain, suffer from frequent headaches or dizziness, here are some guidelines we suggest:

  • DO NOT IGNORE symptoms.  Early diagnosis and treatment stand the best chance for a positive outcome.
  • Be  pro-active- Get in with your preferred provider as soon as possible.  In the State of Washington as a patient you have Direct Access to Physical Therapy.  This means you can come directly to physical therapy without a referral allowing you to receive treatment as soon as possible. Some insurance companies have their own rules so give us a call and we can walk you through everything you need.
  • You and your therapist are PARTNERS in the recovery process.  The best insurance against a recurrence is to participate actively in your recovery.  Ask questions.  Learn how your body works, what happens when it doesn't, and follow your home care program.


make back pain a thing of the past