Physical Therapy: Free Tips

Scroll through the below list of common injuries that you may be able to self-treat, following the guidelines of our PT's recommendations in a corresponding PDF.

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Knee Injury.jpg

acute sports injury

Did you roll your ankle on your hike up Lewis Butte? Or pull your hamstring sprinting after a soccer ball? How about tweaking your knee during your last mountain bike adventure?

Whether you've strained a muscle or ligament, taking a few simple steps in the first few weeks will make your recovery quicker -- and get you back to the sport you love a whole lot sooner. Check out our PT's suggestions for the first 6 weeks of your recovery, below!

back injury

The most common types of untreated injuries are those relating to your back, and specifically to your lower back. Our PTs have created 8 Easy Tips to help you:

  • Reduce amount of back pain
  • Reduce the chance of re-injury due to repetitive motions or sudden movements
  • Gain control over the daily movements of (and forces acting on) your spine
  • Heal soft-tissue injury, such as muscle sprains and torn ligaments