Fitness Classes

You may sign up for any of the below classes as early as one week in advance by visiting our Online Booking System.                            Unless otherwise stated, all classes below are FREE to Members, and $15 for a Non-Member Drop-In.


Cycle-Specific Spin
Designed by Joe Brown, co-owner of Methow Cycle & Sport, this class focuses on targeted interval training designed to improve overall cardio capacity, fitness, strength, and endurance. Attend weekly and enjoy the class as a progressive series, or participate at will and work at your own level. No spinning or cycling experience required.

Spin Cycle
Spin Cycle is a fun and energizing indoor cycling circuit class that consists of cardio and strength stations to boost your stamina, metabolism, and strength. No spinning or cycling experience required. Open to all ability levels. 

Power RPMs
Looking to take your indoor cycling to the next level? With the perfect mix of high and low cadence drills designed to build strength on the bike and improve your aerobic fitness, Power RPMs is just what you need to maintain cycling fitness indoors and get a great workout! Open to all ability levels. 


Masters Circuit "OPEC"                                                                                                     OPEC, which stands for "Old People’s Exercise Class" (self-named by our participants!) is our longest running class. This fun and social class focuses on strength and balance and is geared toward members 50+ years of age. A Certified Personal Trainer supervises a variety of exercise stations, monitoring participants for safety and correct form.


Therapeutic Yoga
This is an innovative and safe sequence of postures intended for people of any age or ability, and helpful for the de-conditioned person or those recovering from surgery, illness, or other life obstacles. Designed by yoga teachers and physical therapists, the class assists you in attaining strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina in a secure environment. An individual session with a teacher is encouraged before your first class.

Level 1 Yoga 
Level 1 yoga focuses on learning proper alignment in the asanas (poses) that is safe, fun, and challenging. The asanas are approached in stages to help increase the depth of understanding as well as strength, endurance, and flexibility. Postures that are taught include twists, forward bends, back bends, inversions, arm balances, and standing balances. Modifications and variations are presented for those at different levels of ability.

Level 1 & 2 Yoga  
This class is a dynamic mixture of asanas (poses) in a Vinyasa style that connects the core with breath and movement. Vinyasa means to flow mindfully with focus and control. Prepare to warm your body from the inside out with this exhilarating and energizing class. A basic knowledge of yoga poses (practiced in our Level 1 class) is recommended.

Level 2 Dynamic Flow Yoga                                                                                          This class is designed for yogis who already have a consistent, dedicated practice. The class explores advanced peak poses as well as dynamic transitions between them. Each class begins with a deep connection to breath and targeted areas of the body, then adds layers of complexity and movement to culminate in an advanced pose or series of poses. You'll finish your practice through a slow, yin-like sequence ending with a long Savasana. Music and a warm (75-80º) room supports this practice's energetic nature. Spots are limited to 12 to keep the level of detail and attention at its highest. Members pay $10 per class (or $40 for a pack of 5). Non-Members pay $15 per class (or $60 for a pack of 5). 

Stretch and Restore Yoga                                                                                             Use yoga as a tool to support strength and stability, recovery of overworked muscles from your week of activities, and target the flexibility you need for healthy range of motion. This class will favor slow, targeted work to emphasize your physical maintenance. No prior yoga experience necessary. Members pay $10 per class (or $40 for a pack of 5). Non-Members pay $15 per class (or $60 for a pack of 5). 

Mixed Levels Yoga                                                                                                                  This class focuses on flexibility, mobility, and balance-approaching postures with a variety in pace and intensity. Extra attention is given to alignment and energy principles. Class is appropriate for those new to yoga or anyone seeking a relaxing yet balanced practice at the end of their week.


Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on strengthening the core postural muscles that affect alignment, keep the body balanced, and provide support for the spine and trunk. 

Winthrop Fitness offers one weekly drop-in Pilates mat class taught by Lindsay Picolet. Due to the unique nature of Pilates movements and principles, we require an Introduction to Pilates Series Class or prior experience, with approval from our Pilates instructor, before attending our practice. Contact the front desk for more details.


Learn proper form and body mechanics for kettlebell exercises as well as how to use your breath as a way to generate power and stabilize your core. As a group, you will use these dynamic movements to accomplish a focused workout that is guaranteed to make you stronger. Come away from this class having learned new exercises, a new connection to movement, and a confident grasp on a kettlebell. Open to all ability levels. 

Power Camp

This is our high-level exercise class for serious athletes. This class changes each time, but has elements of Olympic lifts, plyometrics, relays, battling ropes, and a 20-minute core warm-up. You will find many of our young Nordic team and committed high school athletes there, alongside Masters athletes from the Methow Valley.  New participants must be screened by Pete Dickinson MS, PT, SCS prior to submitting to this rigorous fitness workout.  Power Camp is 7:00-8:00am on Tuesdays and Fridays with Pete.