Fitness Classes


Spinning is an indoor cycling group workout on high performance stationary bikes. Class size is limited. Bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis only. Sign ups are one week in advance at the front desk.

Cycle Specific Spin
Designed by Joe Brown, this class focuses on targeted interval training designed to improve overall cardio capacity, fitness, strength and endurance. Attend on a regular basis and enjoy the class as a progressive series; or participate at will and work at your own level. No spinning or cycling experience required. For all fitness levels. 

Spin Cycle
Spin Cycle is a fun and energizing indoor cycling circuit class that consists of cardio and strength stations to boost your stamina, metabolism and strength.  No spinning or cycling experience required.  For all fitness levels. 


Masters Circuit "OPEC" -  Beginning to intermediate level circuit training class led by a Certified Personal Trainer. This fun and social class includes strength, core, and balance activities, and is geared toward our members 50 years of age and older.  Our Personal Trainer sets up and supervises a variety of exercise stations each week and monitors participants for safety and correct form.  OPEC, which stands for Old People’s Exercise Class (a name participants chose for their class) is our longest running class. 


Therapeutic Yoga
This is an innovative and safe sequence of asanas (postures) that is intended for people of any age or ability. The class was designed by yoga teachers and physical therapists to assist people in attaining strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina in a secure environment. This class is helpful for the de-conditioned person or those recovering from surgery, illness or other life obstacles. Please sign in at the front desk for this class. An individual session with the teacher is encouraged before your first attendance.

Level 1 Yoga 
This class focuses on learning proper alignment in the asanas (poses) that is safe, fun and challenging. The asanas are approached in stages to help increase the depth of understanding as well as strength, endurance and flexibility. Postures that are taught include twists, forward bends, back bends, inversions, arm balances and standing balances. Modifications and variations are presented for those at different levels of ability.

Level 2 Yoga  
This class is a dynamic mixture of asanas (poses) in a Vinyasa style, that connects the core with breath and movement together. Vinyasa means to flow mindfully with focus and control. Prepare to warm your body from the inside out with this exhilarating and energizing class. A basic knowledge of yoga poses (that can be obtained in our Level 1 class) is recommended.

Restorative Yoga  
This popular class focuses on rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. No prior yoga experience is necessary to attend. $12 members/$15 non-members

Power Camp

This is our high level exercise class for serious athletes.  This class changes each time, but has elements of Olympic lifts, plyometrics, relays, battling ropes, and a 20 minute core warm up. You will find many of our young Nordic team and committed high school athletes there, alongside Masters athletes from the Methow Valley.  New participants must be screened by Peter Dickinson MS, PT, SCS prior to submitting to this rigorous fitness workout. 

Power Camp is 7-8 am on Tuesdays and Fridays with Pete.


Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on strengthening the core postural muscles that affect alignment, keep the body balanced, and provide support for the spine and trunk. 

Pilates is named after its founder, Joseph Pilates. A German gymnast and boxer, Joseph Pilates immigrated to the United States in the 1930’s and opened his first studio across the street from the New York City Ballet. Though not technically trained in anatomy and physiology, Pilates was a lifelong student of both, and developed a keen eye for proper movement and function based on body posture and alignment. 

Originally called “Contrology” Pilates developed his exercise repertoire and created specialized equipment to rehabilitate the dancers who frequented his facility. His success with dancers inspired him to reach out to hospitals and work with injured veterans from World War 2. 

Pilates was a pioneer in using exercise as a means of injury rehab, and his exercise system and equipment continue to evolve with injury prevention and rehab as primary goals.

Winthrop Fitness offers one weekly drop-in Pilates mat classes taught by Lindsay Picolet. Due to the unique nature of Pilates movements and principles, we require an Introduction to Pilates Series Class or prior experience, with approval from one of our Pilates instructors, before attending any Pilates class. Please inquire at the front desk to reserve a spot in our next intro class.


Series Classes Descriptions

Nordic Pre-Season Training Program- Nordic Ski Walking  (taught by Laura McCabe)

Nordic Ski Walking incorporates both cardiovascular fitness and technique training into a single workout.  These 1 ½ hour weekly interval sessions are conducted using ski poles on steep terrain.  Participants learn the fundamentals of heart rate training and pace along with tips to improve technique and make you “ski-ready” when the snow flies!

Nordic Pre-Season Training Program- Nordic Strength  (taught by Laura McCabe)
Equally important to cardiovascular conditioning and technique training, Nordic strength will help you develop the power and musculo-skeletal strength necessary to improve your skiing and avoid injury.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) (taught by Sharon Cohen)
MBSRis an evidence based program for reducing stress and promoting health.  It can be helpful for a wide range of conditions including:  
       * Daily stress - such as work, family, finances, illness, grief and uncertainty.
      * Medicalsymptoms - including chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, GI distress, skin disorders, sleep disorders, and many others.
       * Psychological distress - including anxiety and depression.
This series is 8 weeks long, 2.5 hours per week, with one all-day Saturday session sometime during the series.  A free introductory session is required before taking the class. Check out this great article about the benefits of MBSR in Newsweek magazine.

Winter Strength Training  (taught by Laura McCabe)
A winter strength training program is the best insurance policy to reduce injury and ensure that you get the most out of your ski season. Winter strength incorporates ski-specific strength training along with general strength to keep you strong and flexible throughout the winter months. Maintaining strength training throughout the winter will also help ease the transition into spring activities.

Spring Training  (taught by Laura McCabe)
While you’re waiting for the mud to dry up, why not use the time to give your body a tune-up to meet the demands of a whole new season of outdoor fun!  Whether it’s running, cycling, hiking or power-gardening, everyone can benefit from consistency when it comes to maintaining strength.

Winthrop Fitness offers a variety of series classes throughout the year. Series classes require pre-registration. Call us for information about our current series class offerings.