At the end of the day the desire to move and be consistently active comes down to you getting it done.  Sure you can read all you want about ways to be active and stay motivated but unless you put forth the effort above everything else, than its not going to get done!  However this would be a super short blog post if all I said was “just get it done” :)...

Ok let's be real there are plenty of tips and tricks to motivate oneself and stay consistent with your goals.  Use a calendar, set reminders, use a reward system and set a performance based objective (train for a race, etc).  We see it all of the time, someone comes into the gym and we help them set goals (well we really help them define their goals), and a plan is set and things begin.  At first, everything is going well, maybe we lose some weight, lift a heavier kettlebell, learn a new lift, crush 30 minutes of cardio, but then things slow down, motivation decreases and consistency fades.  Why? Well if you find the answer to that let me know because for the last 15 years not much has changed. 

For every person that doesn’t stick with their plan there is someone that does (actually, I bet it's more like a 2:1 ratio, I am putting my money on the people that stick with it!).  Sticking to your goals and making progress takes time, like a lot of time. Sometimes so much time that well, you give up!

Tip one; DON’T GIVE UP.

You’ll have ups and downs, the important thing is to stay on track and if you get off track then get back on (see your trainer, get back into your group class, etc).  I always say pick one thing you can control and focus on that. If you focus on everything you can’t control then you won’t get anywhere.

I truly believe that if you find the “thing” that motivates you then consistency is just about automatic.  Why? Well because you love doing it. The activity becomes less of a chore and more a part of your life. I know that doesn’t offer much in the way of how to be active (because there are plenty of “things” I like to do that have nothing to do with activity).  But one must also realize that by taking small steps to become more active, by picking a “thing” that you enjoy doing, then over time your efforts will pay off (remember it takes time). Okay, so let's connect the dots here. You want to be active and healthy, you want to stay consistent so you can reach X goal, but you lack motivation. 

Tip 2; Find a “thing” that you enjoy doing to be active.

Often times it takes someone to help you formulate your plan to be consistent with your activity.  Maybe a personal trainer, maybe your coffee buddies, doctor etc. What it boils down to is your desire to make a change (motivation).  By taking small steps daily to move closer to your goals (consistency) and finding a “thing” or “things” that you enjoy doing your motivation will continue to stay high (effort).  I know its hard. Heck, if it was easier do you think we would have an obesity epidemic? Talk about motivation! I would encourage you to keep moving and find an activity that you enjoy, one that motivates you to be consistent and reap the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle!  If you don’t know where to start head on down to Winthrop PT&F and let us show you the way.   

Coach Geoff Tripp signing off :)