How long have you lived in Methow Valley?
We purchased a house in 2004, but officially moved to the Valley becoming full time residents in August 2017.

How long have you been a Physical Therapist?
Since 2001. 

When did you know that you wanted to be a physical therapist?
I started in sports medicine as an athletic trainer working for a college in Portland as well as independently within my own practice. Over time I realized that I wanted access to a larger, more diverse group of patients. Initially I went back to school at Bastyr University studying Naturopathic Medicine until realizing what I really wanted was to study Physical Therapy.

What is the biggest challenge involved in being a PT?
Staying on top of the paperwork, as well as working with people with chronic degenerative conditions with multiple complicating factors.

How do you like to stay active?
I like to skate ski, telemark ski , hike, bike, run and play soccer. 

What are your favorite down-time activities?
I enjoy reading, occasionally writing, being creative with clay or water color painting (although I really am not so good) and listening to music. 

What do you wish everyone knew about PT?
That PT does not stand for physical pain/physical torture, etc. Physical Therapy should be viewed as a process in education that leads to a more effective lifestyle with increased enjoyment and understanding. You should not wait until your body had completely fails before seeking help, the earlier the intervention the easier it is to impact the outcome. 

What’s your favorite meal you like to prepare?
Chili, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, pear gorgonzola pecan salad. 

What’s your favorite Television Series?
I don’t really have one. I don’t actually watch that much TV. 

What is your favorite piece of wellness advice?
My father-in-law once said, “Ignore your health and it will go away.” I like the sentiment.