How long have you lived in Methow Valley?

I grew up in the Methow Valley and left in 2003 for college, I returned in 2014 when we purchased Winthrop PT and Fitness

How long have you been a Physical Therapist?

Since 2012

When did you know that you wanted to be a physical therapist?

I have always had an interest in anatomy and physiology, I have an athletic background so physical therapy seemed like the right choice but it took me a while to figure it out.  
I started college as a fine arts major then quickly realized I prefer sciences. I transitioned to Equine Science at Colorado State University and received a bachelors degree but I decided later that I did not want to be a vet.  
I decided to pursue physical therapy as it has a meaningful impact on people’s lives, I enjoy educating people and helping them realize the benefits of exercise.

What is the biggest challenge involved in being a PT?

Health insurance, inconsistent requirements and reimbursement rates

How do you like to stay active?

I enjoy working on my strength in the gym and setting fitness goals to work towards. In the winter I like to cross country ski and in the summer I enjoy hiking, camping and training horses. Above all, my favorite way to stay active is chasing my young children around.

What are your favorite down-time activities?

Being outside with my kids and helping them explore nature and our wonderful environment through gardening, hiking our property and taking care of our farm animals

What do you wish everyone knew about PT?
The sooner you start your recovery the faster it will be.  Physical Therapy addresses the current injury but the main goal is to educate the patient how to continually improve how they move and function in order to prevent further injury and decrease their need for healthcare services.  We strive to keep you as active as possible

What is your favorite piece of wellness advice?

Never underestimate your strength and the power it has